6 Tips to improve your Apple Watch's Battery Life

apple watch low power mode in coffee

Whether you're rocking an Apple Watch Series 4 or recently upgraded to the Ultra 2 - there are always ways to improve your battery life to get the most out of your watch and keep the battery healthy for years to come.

Below we've listed 7 of our favourite tips and habits on how you can optimize your Apple Watch battery.

Understanding the Importance of Charging Habits

Your Apple Watch does a lot. It is a sport tracker, health tracker and it receives a constant flow of data from your phone for all the social media notifications, text messages and calls you take from your watch. Which is why it is important to note, that while we have listed out software tips and tricks for battery life the most important tips will be are around charging habits.

The Role of an Apple Watch Dock

An Apple Watch dock isn't just home decor for your desk or bedside table; it'smain function is to make charging more convenient. A good dock should be securaly stationary, allow docking with only one hand qnd allow for easy viewing - so it is still useful when off your wrist. 

When the act of putting your watch on and off of charge becomes easier and faster it can be built into your routine throughout the day without being a nuisance. 

Take a Break!

While designed to replace traditional wristwatches, an Apple Watch, like other smart watches, is infinitely more distracting. The buzz of social media, texts and emails are constant opportunities for distraction.

To fix this, and to give yourself a chance to charge your watch. A charging station on your desk is a nice way of seperating yourself from notifications when you need to put your head down and concentrate.

Tips for Maximizing Battery Life

  1. Consistent Charging: Lithium-ion batteries don’t require full discharges. So consistent, short charging sessions can help maintain battery health. Utilize your Apple charging station or watch dock frequently for brief top-ups rather than letting the battery drain completely.

  2. Avoid non-certified chargers: Some 3rd party charging cables are prone to overheating and overcharging your Apple Watch, which negatively impacts battery health. A certified cable will insure your watch is safetly charged and kept healthy.

  3. Update Software Regularly: Apple often releases software updates that include battery optimizations. Ensure your watch's software is up-to-date for improved battery efficiency.

  4. Temperature Consideration: Extreme temperatures can affect battery performance. Avoid exposing your watch to extreme heat or cold while charging. Keeping your watch warm under your sleeve during the winter can be suprisingly effective!

  5. Low Power Mode: Although and obvious answer this option isn't suited to everyone. However if you're not an Apple Watch power user and mostly use it for the time and notifications, keeping your watch on low power mode is a great option.

  6. Optimised Charging: The latest Watch OS release brought the "Optimised Charging" feature. It will cap charging at 75% which is tremendous for battery health. Using this feature in conjunction with Tip number 1 is great for older Apple Watches or power users with newer watches.

Final thoughts

Your Apple Watch's battery health is influenced by how you charge it daily. Utilizing an easy charging method along with "Optimised Charging" can significantly impact the longevity and performance of your Apple Watch. Follow these tips and you'll ensure your Apple Watch remains a reliable companion throughout your day and for years to come!

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